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58, Ogudu Road,
Ojota, Lagos
Telephone: +234-8033006920, +234-8056633668

73, Bamgbopa Street,
Aboru Town, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos
Telephone: +234-1-7646168 +234-803 300 6920
E-mail: dsn@descomsystems.com

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DESCOM SYSTEMS NIGERIA (DSN) Limited is a leading Information Technology service provider in Nigeria. The company started operations as Des Electrical Electronics & Telecommunications Co. in Nigeria in 1985, providing telecommunication and I.T services.

DSN distributes the full range of OEM computers such as IBM, Compaq, HP, DELL either as Servers, Desktop, or mobile and compatible computing equipment, peripherals such as EPSON and HP deskjet/laser printers and also provides the associated support services.

This is due to our past investments in training and skill development and our commitment to dedicate a substantial proportion of our income to the continuous education of our people. In addition, we continually make significant investments in ensuring that we maintain an appropriate stock level of spare parts. To augment this, DSN has special arrangements with some importers of spare parts for emergency requests. Upon our emergency requests, spare parts are shipped to us through them on the next available flight. We do all this to ensure that our customers' investments are well protected.


DSN maintains a leadership position in the industry by her proven track record of professional conduct in service delivery.

We recognize that the sale of computing equipment without commensurate support services is ineffective. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the skills of our people. For additional assistance, we have access to various equipment manufacturers for very high-level specialist support.

We have a highly skilled workforce currently handling various projects around the country. They are committed, experienced and well-trained individuals who provide the quality of service and expertise required by our customers.

Our office is located in Lagos and we have an arrangement for supporting our customers that have branches out of Lagos. We have a well-qualified team of technical personnel dedicated to the design and implementation of local and wide area networks (LANs & WANs).

For about a decade, we have been actively involved in providing software solutions to our numerous customers both in the private and public sector. In particular, our software offerings include software package implementation & customization, consultancy, project management and disaster prevention & recovery planning.

At DSN, full responsibility for managing a particular customer relationship lies with the Account Executive.

This person is the front-line coordinator of all the activities required for complete service delivery to the customer. He/she draws on the expertise of personnel in the different specialist areas of our organization, as necessary, to meet the needs of the customer and to maintain a mutually fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Our success has been largely due to our commitment at all times to meet our customers' expectations by identifying their needs and delivering the best of services to meet these needs. This has earned us a great reputation among our customers who now see us not just as a service provider but a partner to their business.

Our main business objective is to establish DSN as the foremost IT (Information Technology) provider in the Nigerian market place. To achieve our objectives, we are currently reviewing her internal operations and procedures for conformance to ISO 9001 standards, this will enable us to give our customers the very best the industry can offer.